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Various Sources of UK Finance

Finance is extremely important for all kinds of businesses especially if you wish to make a business successful then you really need a good amount of finance with you to help you through. if you have started a business in UK then attaining finance will not be a problem for you because UK Finance is available in nearly all kinds and forms. No matter what your requirement is you will always be able to find a good source of finance for you. The companies offering finance services in UK cover all sectors you will find UK leasing finance company, UK debt collection finance company to also a UK finance company offering you venture capital.

You will also be able to get companies that will help you in arranging and purchasing a lease for you. The information technology sector has most facilities regarding the finance. For financing or purchasing technological instruments you can seek assistance from Corporate Computer Lease Plc. This company has been labeled as one of the fastest growing company in UK and is currently catering to more than 500 satisfied customers on daily basis.

You will get companies that will fund you for hardware as well. some companies services are diversified that they provide finance for both small businesses, industrial and agricultural operations. One such company is called Richard Mares Asset Finance it handles all the finances for agricultural and industrial sector. If you are looking for companies that will help you in financing for equipment leasing, or you are looking for assistance in mortgage or commercial finance then you should approach Another good option that you have with you is 1st Leasing Company. You can go to their website to see the many kinds of finance offered by them. If you wish to attain finance above £5,000 then firms such as 1 pm are best suited for you as they look after your needs properly.

If your financial needs are related to industrial plants or machinery then you should contact Corporate Business Finance. They will provide finance for purchasing, leasing, capital, factoring and mortgage.

Those who are just starting business in UK usually find it difficult to attain financial assistance the reason being all the financial companies prefer financing established companies. However, there are certain companies such as Oak Leasing that caters to the needs of newly set business really well.

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Is The Wrong Type of Equipment Finance Company Bad For (Business) Health?

They are all the same, aren’t they? Absolutely, positively… not! We are of course talking about the equipment finance company industry in Canada and how your selection of the right partner can determine which advantages and disadvantages you can enjoy… or suffer with. We prefer positive advantages that your business can benefit with, not Canadian business financing decisions that you will suffer via the wrong choice of a lease partner for your specific needs.

Ok, so what in the heck are we talking about? Essentially there are four types of asset finance partners in the equipment leasing industry in Canada. And you thought that a lease finance company was a lease finance company!

The first type of partner is the ‘captive’ – no you are not the captive! The term refers simply to finance companies that are owned and literally situated within various manufacturing firms. When clients ask us about lease finance options and they mention specific equipment we are always reminding them to ensure they determine if the manufacturer captive finance firm offers asset financing. If they do we can assure you it is probably the best financial terms you will be able to come up with, as well as a better chance for overall approval re rate, structure and other general terms. Why is that?

It’s to do with motivation – the captive finance firm is motivated to finance and promote the sale of products using financial options such as leasing to get the products out to the marketplace. Want to know a secret that should surprise most business owners and financial managers? It’s simply that captive finance firms in a competing industry will finance their competitor’s products, often at better rates, terms and structures. That is simply because the financial transaction will probably give the competing mfr a foothold into your business to promote and sell their own products. So don’t think that a great firm such as IBM CREDIT CORP. is the only firm that will finance your products you purchase through them. Others will also!

The second main group of asset finance firms in Canada is our chartered banks – Two major banks have leasing arms that are very significant, others employ lease finance to varying degrees. Our real only comment here is that the credit bar is high and more often than not you have to be a customer of the bank to enjoy the great lease and finance structures they offer.

The third main category of the Canadian equipment leasing company market is actually the largest and most robust. It also requires the maximum amount of knowledge and navigation by Canadian business owners and financial managers. This is the Independent lease finance market, where there are tens of firms that offer lease financing based on various criteria of asset size, credit quality, geographical preference, industry specialization, etc, etc, etc.

You have a great choice with our category 3 partners, the independent finance companies. You can spend tens or hundreds of hours determining their credit criteria, additional collateral they require, the size of deals they do, the different lease structures they offer, or… alternatively.. use our final category for lease provider, the independent lease finance advisor who are knowledgeable intermediaries who know the market, have a strong reputation with lease providers, and can match the advantages you seek in an equipment finance transaction to the right provider. Subtle nuances in your overall lease structure, depending on the size of your transaction, can save you thousands of dollars and untold grief at the end of the term of your lease.

So that’s your Canadian lease market overview. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can successful guide you through the asset finance maze.

Money Tips – Grocery Lists Are Smart Spending Plans

Spending plans are a money management tool designed to help you manage your purchases and control spending.

When you plan for the purchase, you know the amount of money you budgeted for the expense – which allows you much more control over your spending. You can set a cap on the amount you will spend. In this way, you’re much more likely to save money on your purchases because you can factor in sales items.

Grocery stores are recurring revenue systems. Stores make money week after week, often from the same consumers. A grocery spending plan – a list you take with you to the store – is your best weapon against a system designed to encourage you to spend more than you actually want to. A grocery list helps you curb impulse spending.

A money-saving tip: Do not sample food during your shopping. And if you sample, remember that you do not have to buy that caloric-loaded, lip-smacking, hips- and butt-swelling treat. It is a marketing tactic! Do not fall for it.

Another money- and health-saving tip: Make the majority of your purchases from the store’s perimeter. Stay on the edge where the fruits, vegetables, and nutritious stuff lives. The high-fat, high-sugar, lower nutritional value products are located in the middle of the store.

Make a grocery list before you go shopping. You will spend less and have what you need to prepare delicious and healthy meals for the week. Each week is different; make a new list for each trip.

If you want to go for frugality – and why not – look for coupons and sale items. Advertisers spend billions annually to get you into stores to buy sale items and all the other goodies at full price. It’s a money-wise person who takes the time to check out the newspaper before her weekly shopping excursion. Buy only what is on your list. You’ll save money, eat better and healthier, and lose a few pounds too. It’s a win-win way of managing your life, money and health.

Monitor your spending regularly. After the first month, review your progress. Have your food expenditures decreased from the months before you started relying on a grocery list? Are you eating more of the food purchased instead of tossing fruits and veggies out because you didn’t include them in your meal plans? What about your kids – are they wasting less and eating better?

What benefits have you experienced from preparing your grocery spending plans? Let me know.

Purchase Order Financing Tips and Secrets for Canadian Firms Seeking Trade Finance

Your worst business nightmare just occurred. You got the order/contract! Now what?!

Purchase order financing is a great tool for firms that have unusual purchase order and contract sales financing needs but are potentially unable to access traditional financing via banks or their own capital resources within their firm. How does trade finance P O financing work, does your firm qualify, what are the costs, and how does it work? Great questions, now let’s explore some answers!

Typically Canadian firms looking for this type of financing are distributors, manufacturers, or perhaps wholesalers. A variety of industries in Canada have access to this type of financing, but those certainly tend to be the typical firms needing assistance.

Your need for purchase order financing arises out of what we call the classic working capital gap. What do we mean by that? It’s a case of your suppliers requiring payment either up front or within 30 days, with your firm unable to generate those funds for payment and therefore unable to fill large purchase order and contracts in your favor. Your supplier is asking your for payment in advance or 30 days, and you wont receive payment for at least 60-90 days, perhaps more depending on your build cycle, etc.

Naturally you don’t want to turn down orders or lose competitive market position.

The obvious solution for low cost large amounts of funds are Canadian chartered banks, but our observation is that many firms simply cant satisfy the banks requirements for this type of financing to occur. If your firm is growing, profitable, has a clean balance sheet and strong historical cash flows and history you of course have a solid chance of meeting bank requirements, however that typically is not the case, certainly in the amount of clients we talk to who are looking for alternatives to their growth challenge!

When you access p o financing you can have comfort that your suppliers will be paid, and at the same time you generally have access to all the funds you need. Typical purchase order financing applications take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete and involve basic financial due diligence on your firms ability to fulfill the order, who your customer is (they must be credit worthy), and your proper supplier sources must be identified and vetted. It’s as simple as that.

So what are the basic pre requisites for a solid P.O. Financing deal? Naturally your company must be in possession of a contract or order that is not cancelable by your client. The P O finance firm arranges to pay your suppliers directly, that alleviates all you cash flow and working capital concerns. The transaction is completed when you ship the goods and your receivables are generated on the sale. It is at this time the purchase order finance firm expects to be paid, and this is traditionally handled by your firms monetizing of its receivable via a bank or factoring facility. Factoring facilities are great partners to the P O financing strategy, because use of them guarantees payment to your P O firm.

Let’s cover off a couple tips and secrets around the cost of purchase order financing – It generally is in the 2-3% per month range in Canada, and that means you have to have solid gross profit margins in order to be able to sustain the finance charges. But let’s be honest, let’s say your firm has been doing 750k of revenue for the last couple years and you finally get the large order from a major customer for 1 Million dollars. Wouldn’t you give up 2-3 % of your profit margin in order to make one sale which is the equivalent of your entire year’s business? We think you should positively consider that! Clearly the higher cost of this type of financing covers off the complexity and risk that the P O finance firm takes in paying for goods, waiting to get paid, and having the belief that your firm will fulfill the contract order.

It has been our observation with certain clients that your successful completion of a purchase order finance deal typically significantly enhances your relationship with your major suppliers and of course customers, that’s a secret benefit that is intangible but invaluable at the same time.

Is P O financing for everyone. Maybe not. Could it be possibly the solution to major working capital needs if your business is growing and can’t be financed traditionally – we certainly think so? Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced purchase order finance expert to explore your options.

Teens Making Money – Tips For Your Teenager to Earn Cash!

So your child is now showing interest in earning money and you are not sure how to go about giving it to them… Should they be rewarded for each chore they do, each good grade they make, or every time they do a little something extra around the house? You are probably thinking that you can use this opportunity to your advantage and have a little helper helping you with daily duties, but it is important to remember that children should also be expected to do things around the house without compensation.

It all sounds like it may be confusing, but it is just important to separate chores from their money making duties. You don’t want your child asking for a dollar every time they clean their room, you want them to have specified chores that they are expected to do everyday with out money being earned for them. While it may sound daunting and you are unsure how to go about it, you just need to remember one simple tip, which is to make sure that they understand what they will be paid for and which ones they will not. It will also be important to keep it consistent. Consistency will keep you from difficulties later on. Children learn at young ages and adapt easily to most new concepts. You do not want them to have to slave for a measly amount of money, as this may think that it is too difficult and causer them to not want to earn money any longer.

The same effects can occur if you pay them too much for the amount of work they have done. This tends to make the child believe that everything comes to easy, and that they will not have to do much to succeed. Finding the perfect balance between the both is going to be different for each family, but a good rule of thumb for weekly pay for children averages about a dollar or so a week for every year of age. That meaning, an 11 year old could earn in the range of 10-15 dollars per week and that would be a generally fair amount. This is not an exact, as the value of money differs depending on where you live in the world.

So while it will be up to each parent to decide the final factors, it can be a great lesson to the child that can stick with them forever!

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